The Electronic Age and Estate Planning

Senior Couple SeriesThe world is changing every single day. In terms of technology it seems that every year, phones, televisions and electronic devices are continuing to evolve. With all this technology, many people actually have valuable “electronic assets”. These assets may include website domain names, accounts with email providers, Facebook, Amazon and many other accounts. Just like any asset if someone purchases and owns a domain name, this becomes their private property. Most electronic accounts such as Gmail work the same way.

As well as these assets, your banking information, and common banking accounts also use websites that may store financial and extremely personal data. If you pass away it is important that someone handles all of these electronic accounts properly. You may want to save treasured photos stored away, or you may want someone to log into your email in order to notify friends and contacts.

Doing nothing in terms of these electronic assets will certainly result in your domain names expiring and email and online accounts becoming deleted. Finances and memorable data are your assets and it is important everything is planned out accordingly.

Seeking the help of an experienced estate planning attorney is crucial in handling all your assets.

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