A Family Business 3 Generations Strong

Ernest J. Miller, Esq. started practicing law in 1952. He loved everything about the practice of law and practiced until he was 85 years old.  Any person that ever came in contact with him would realize his love of people and his caring nature. He loved listening to his clients and helping them with any of the problems they faced.

His son, Ira K. Miller, Esq. was next to follow in his father’s footsteps. He worked with his father to learn the intricacies of the law practice and how to handle himself as an attorney. He took the lessons from his father and applied them to his own law practice.  Listen carefully to your clients, provide them with individual attention, and be passionate about your work are just a few lessons that a father instilled upon his son. Ira K. Miller has been using these lessons for over 35 years while practicing in New York.

The family tradition continues with Daniel R. Miller, Esq. the son of Ira K. Miller.  He believes in providing a quality legal experience with an individualized touch.