Flatlands, Brooklyn NY

Miller & Miller Law Group PLLC provides its range of legal services to the neighborhood of Flatlands, Brooklyn. Named “Flatlands” because it was the center most town in the neighborhood, Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Georgetown, Marine Park and Mill Basin are also apart of Brooklyn’s southeastern most neighborhood. While servicing residents in Brooklyn for over 35 years, we have had enjoyable &  successful relationships and legal manners.

Our clients have benefited and continue to receive Elder Law services which focus on needs of our senior citizens. Our many services include Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Guardianship, Medicaid Planning & Special Needs Planning.

Life brings challenges at inopportune times, when you are not expecting it. With the help of Miller & Miller Law Group PLLC you have a trusted and experienced law firm to back you up.

If you live throughout Flatland, Brooklyn and are in need of any of our Elder Law needs please feel free to give us a call at (718) 875-2191 or request a consultation.